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Designing your Stirling Application 定制您的斯特林应用

We strongly recommend you to visit our facilities before your development. Knowing more about us might bring you better suited solutions for your business. 我们强烈建议您在研发终端应用前访问我们。对我们的了解会帮助您看清市场动向及获得最新的问题解决方案,给您的开发过程带来更多的帮助。

Ordering Your Development Kit 获取您的开发套件

At your initial stage, we can provide you with a testing unit at production cost to help you establishing your research. Additional help is also available upon request. 在您的初始阶段,我们愿意为您的终端应用提供成本价格的开发套件,为前期的产品开发和研究提供最有力的支持。如果您需更多帮助,请随时联系我们。

Placing Your Orders with us 定制您的产品订单

When your Stirling Application is almost ready to meet the market. We will work tightly together with you to meet your ordering requirements. Please see our stuff for Quantity and Pricing. 当您的应用逐渐成熟即将面市时,我们将和您密切配合,为您的企业提供最新最全面的产品报价方案,帮助您降低成本。

All our products are connected | 关于我们

Internet of Things


We operate our own IOT servers in QingDao, China and San Francisco, USA to supply the most up-to-date status about your equipment

We supply the following sensor data

  1. 8 channels of Temperature measurement up to 0.01degree Celsius accuracy (or Fahrenheit)
  2. 5 channel of Power Meter status…

About us


We are a leading provider of Free Piston Stirling Engines/Cooler in China


This is the Milestone of our company. This is what is necessary to mass produce the legend at an acceptable price.


The Problem | 我们要解决的难题

We live in a changing world with governments and…